Step 1: Prepare and file the Petition for Divorce and other required documents

You must file the following documents to start a contested divorce:

  • Form 59.09 - Petition for Divorce PDF form  Word form 

  • Form FD1 - Statement of Contact Information and Circumstances PDF form  Word form 

  • Personal Representation Form PDF form  Word form 

  • Original Long Form Marriage Certificate (Apply for Marriage Certificate here)

    • If you cannot get a copy of your original marriage certificate because you were married in another country, then you will need to provide detailed information to the court about your marriage and explain why you cannot get a copy.

    • If you do not file your marriage certificate with your Petition for Divorce, your court documents will not be processed by the court staff until they receive a copy.

If you decide to start a divorce without hiring a lawyer, you must file a Personal Representation Form. However, you can always hire a lawyer later even if you already sent a signed personal representation form. Your lawyer would contact the court staff to tell them that you now have a lawyer.

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