A Safe Services Model has been introduced in the Supreme Court (Family Division) and the Family Court in a move away from an ‘urgent services’ model. The need to establish that a matter is an emergency or urgent is no longer required. Read more on

Documents will continue to be accepted by email and mail unless a judge orders otherwise. If filing by email, certain paper copies of documents may need to be filed later. Many in-person court services continue to be limited. Online Intake and Parent Information programs are available below.

Filing date suspensions are lifted. This means that filing and service time deadlines set out in the Civil Procedure Rules or required by a judge are back in place.

Many matters will continue to be heard by telephone or video. The court will direct the way each matter will be heard.

Support Variation FAQs: Steps you can take to deal with Covid-19 Income Reductions and Support Payments

Dealing with Covid-19 parenting difficulties? Please contact your local court for more information. Find NS Court email and fax information here (New FAQs will be coming soon).

Online Programs: Intake & Parent Information (PIP)

These modules are the online versions of in-person sessions offered at family law courts: Intake, and the Parent Information Program (PIP).

You can attend these programs in person by contacting the court to get scheduled, or you can complete them online at the links below.

Looking to complete Intake online? Click here.

Looking to complete the Parent Information Program (PIP) online? Click here.

Understanding Nova Scotia Courts

If you are involved with the Nova Scotia family law court system, it is important to know how the system works. You can find information about court processes and services at the bottom of the screen, or click the links below for information.


Using the Internet Safely

Internet browsers store a history of searches and visited sites. If you are worried about someone knowing that you visited this website, use a friend's computer or library computer, and make sure you have a safety plan. If you want to try removing the traces yourself, the links below provide instructions. Remember that by clearing your browser history, everything in the browser window will be cleared. If your partner is good with computers, this may make them suspicious.

For information about internet safety, click here or here.

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