Nova Scotia’s Matrimonial Property Act

Nova Scotia’s Matrimonial Property Act sets out how property is divided when a couple that is married or in a registered domestic partnership ends their relationship.

The current Matrimonial Property Act was created in 1980.

Government is seeking feedback from Nova Scotians on whether changes are needed to modernize the act. Key areas of interest include:

  • whether common-law couples should be included under the legislation
  • the treatment of property owned before the relationship
  • the treatment of business assets
  • rights to possess the family home
  • the treatment of family debt
  • the treatment of pensions
  • Government is seeking feedback from Nova Scotians on whether changes are needed to modernize the act.

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Online Programs: Intake & Parent Information (PIP)

These modules are the online versions of in-person sessions offered at family law courts: Intake, and the Parent Information Program (PIP).

You can attend these programs in person by contacting the court to get scheduled, or you can complete them online at the links below.

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Looking to complete the Parent Information Program (PIP) online? Click here.

Understanding Nova Scotia Courts

If you are involved with the Nova Scotia family law court system, it is important to know how the system works. You can find information about court processes and services at the bottom of the screen, or click the links below for information.


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