Peace Bonds

A peace bond is a court order that you may apply for when someone has threatened or harmed you. This can be a partner or spouse, or another person. The person who is accused of threatening or harming you may be told by a court that they must be on a peace bond, or can agree to go on one when an application is made to the court. The peace bond may also include conditions such as to stop contacting you and stay away from your home or place of work.

In most cases, you will need to go to Provincial Court to apply for a peace bond. The Supreme Court (Family Division) usually does not deal with peace bonds.

For a Guide to Applying for a Peace Bond, click here.  The Guide is also available in French here.

A peace bond application requires that the person you are seeking to be protected from receive notice of the proceeding, and have a chance to respond. If you cannot wait for a hearing, call your local police, victim services office, or Justice of the Peace Center to see if you qualify to apply for an Emergency Protection Order .

Click here for more information about peace bonds.

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