A Guide to Applying for an Order

What this Guide is for:

This guide is to help you file a court application. An application is made as the first step to request a court order.

There are several forms you have to complete and file with the court when you make an application.  The forms you will need depend on which issues you are dealing with. You will find forms/checklists later on in this guide.

Note: Generally, this kit is for people who have never asked for a court order before. This kit may not be the right one for you if:

  • you have an active application with the court (one that is still proceeding, that is not yet finished, and not discontinued)

  • you are trying to file for a divorce

  • you already have a court order. Please see the Variation Application Guide, speak to court staff, or talk to a lawyer for help. 


Where you can use this Guide:

You can use this guide to make an application in Supreme Court (Family Division) locations in Nova Scotia. 

For definitions of family law terms, visit our Glossary or Parenting Terms: What Do the Words Mean?


It is always recommended you obtain legal advice.  Click here for information about legal support and advice options in Nova Scotia, including no and low-cost services.

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