What is MEP?

What is the Maintenance Enforcement Program?

If you have a court order or registered separation agreement dealing with child support or spousal support, you can have the support amounts enforced through the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP). MEP is a provincial government program through which all court orders for support must be filed (registered). When a support order is issued anywhere in Nova Scotia, a copy of the order is automatically sent to MEP.

There are similar programs in every province and territory, although they may be called different things in different provinces. For example, in Ontario, it is the ‘Family Responsibility Office.’ The case worker assigned to your file is your ‘enforcement officer.’

In the Spring of 2013, all Maintenance Enforcement offices were consolidated into one office location in New Waterford. All other MEP offices in Nova Scotia have been closed.

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MEP website

Nova Scotia Maintenance Enforcement Act

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