Urgent/Emergency Applications and Orders


In some situations, you may need to get an order put in place quickly. There are different types of orders that you can apply for, depending on your situation and the issues you are dealing with.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence by your partner, former partner, or the other parent of your child, you may qualify for an Emergency Protection Order (EPO). Applications for an Emergency Protection Order are done over the phone. You can apply for an EPO anywhere in Nova Scotia by phoning 1-866-816-6555, any day between 9 am and 9 pm.

Some designated people, like police officers, staff at a transition house or shelter for assaulted women, or victim services workers can apply on your behalf at any time.

NOTEPlease click here for information about Emergency Protection Orders for persons living in a First Nations community.

If you have been threatened or harmed by someone, you may be able to apply for a Peace Bond against that person. Peace Bond applications are processed in Provincial Court.

There are also urgent or emergency court applications you can make to address family law issues, such as parenting arrangements.

It is always recommended you obtain legal advice.  Click here for information about legal support and advice options in Nova Scotia, including no and low-cost services.

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