Information for Applicants

The information in this section is for Divorce Act ISO applicants - the person starting the Divorce Act ISO process and who is applying under section 18.1 of the Divorce Act for an interjurisdictional support order. In other words, this information is for you if all of the following apply:

You live in Nova Scotia. 
You are applying to get an order, or change an order for child/spousal support under the Divorce Act.
The other party in your case lives in another province/territory within Canada. 
You were divorced from the other party in Canada. 

One of the following:

  • You have an order for support made under the Divorce Act (which was finalized as part of your divorce) that you want to change.


  • You do not have an order for support made under the Divorce Act and there is no claim for support that is outstanding under your divorce (e.g. you applied for support as part of the corollary relief but the claim has not been finalized).***

*** If this circumstance applies to you, both the NS ISO and Divorce Act ISO processes may be available to you. Read more about this exception here.

If you are the respondent in this process - the person responding to the application, rather than the person who started it - click here to go to information for respondents.

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