Filling out your ISO application documents

It is best if you can complete your ISO documents on the computer and print them off, but this may not be possible in all cases. If you must fill them out by hand, that's ok, but make sure your handwriting is neat! It is best to use blue pen so that your original copies can be easily identified.

Include as much of the information being asked for as you can. Remember, if you need more room than what's provided on a document, you can attach a blank page to the back of the document to continue writing. Be sure to note on the extra page which document it belongs with, in case the extra page becomes detached. If you have a lot of extra information to give, it may be best to do so by writing an affidavit.

Remember that any information contained in your application (other than the Additional Locate Information Form) will be included in the package provided to the other person. This information will form part of the court file and MAY BE available to the general public. If you are concerned about providing your own address, you may provide an alternative address where you can be contacted and where documents or correspondence may be sent. If you have safety concerns, please contact your local family law court or the Reciprocity Office to make them aware.

It is always a good idea to speak with a lawyer for advice, and to have them review your completed documents whenever possible.

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