What You Need to File

The forms you need to file for an application depend on what issues you are addressing. 

When you are filing an application, you must generally provide the court with the original and three copies of every document, or at least a copy for the court, a copy for you, and a copy for every other party. 


Forms are posted in interactive PDF  format and Word  format.

If you are using the interactive PDF forms, be sure to download and save them to your computer to access all the features, including instructions to guide you through what information is required from you. 


1. Notice of Application Form 59.07  Form 59.07 

2. Statement of Contact Information and Circumstances Form FD1  Form FD1 ; 

3. Personal Representation Form  Form ;

4. Filing Fee: $43.60 (as of April 2015 - fees are subject to change without notice)


Completed Waiver of Fees form  with proof of your income attached;

5. Any supporting documents required – please see the next section 'Supporting Documents'.

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