As the Divorce Act ISO Applicant, do I have to appear in Court?

When you are the applicant and you live in Nova Scotia, in the Divorce Act ISO process, you are normally not expected to appear in court, or be represented by anyone at the hearing in the other jurisdiction.

You can however indicate in your Form A whether you would like to participate in the ISO hearing in the other province/territory by electronic means. If you indicate this, you will need to be prepared to make yourself available to attend. Whether you are invited to participate is determined by the court or authority in the respondent’s province/territory.

On the other hand, in general, unless your application is being resolved through a child support service in the other jurisdiction, the respondent on a Divorce Act ISO matter will have to go to court. For more information about this process, please see the section called 'Information for Respondents.'

It is strongly recommended that you speak to a lawyer for help and advice.

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