Information for Respondents (ISO Application with Form A.1 or A.2 - NS ISO)

The information in this section is for NS ISO respondents - the person responding to an ISO application made under provincial law. In other words, this information is for:

  • anyone living in Nova Scotia;

  • who is responding to an application made outside of Nova Scotia;

  • where the application is to get an order, or change an order for child support or spousal support;

  • where the other party lives outside of Nova Scotia, in another province/territory within Canada or a reciprocating jurisdiction outside Canada, and;

  • you were never married to the other party;

  • OR you are married, and only separated, with no divorce ever being filed.

The ISO Application you are responding to will have either a Form A.1 or A.2. If the application you received has a Form A.3 or A.4, please see the Divorce Act ISO Guide and Information for Respondents (Responding to a Divorce Act ISO Application).

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