What You Need to File

Forms are posted in interactive PDF  format and Word  format, where available.

If you are using the interactive PDF forms, be sure to download and save them to your computer to access all the features, including instructions to guide you through what information is required from you. 


If you are applying to register a corollary order made under the Divorce Act, you will need to file:


  1. A letter to the court requesting that your divorce order be registered under section 20(3) of the Divorce Act

    • For a sample letter that you can use, click here  or here .

    • If you do not use this letter, you may also have to file a completed Statement of Contact Information and Circumstances in Form FD1  Form FD1 , because the court will need an address for you and for the other person

  2.     At least one (preferably three) certified copy/ies of the order being registered

  3.     Completed Personal Representation Form  Form  if you do not have a lawyer at this time


Once your order is registered, certified copies of it will be mailed out to you, and to the other person.


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