Can I file an Affidavit?

Sometimes the ISO forms may not give enough space for you to write the information you want the court to know. You may be able to attach a blank page to a form if you need to write more, or you may also consider filing an affidavit. The ISO forms include an affidavit that you may use for your ISO application. 

What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a written statement of facts, sworn or affirmed under oath. An affidavit will contain the information you would give a judge in court. Tell the truth and be clear in what you are saying. You can type or neatly handwrite your affidavit.

For more on affidavits, click here.

Remember – when you are making an ISO application, you don’t appear in front of the judge. The judge only has the information in your documents. It is very important that you give as much information in your documents as you can. If you leave out information relating to your case, this may affect the outcome of your application.

In most cases, your affidavit should be notarized. Most lawyers are notaries public. We’ll explain more about ‘notarizing’ in the next section.

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