How do I respond to the ISO application?

In your package, you were asked to file certain documents. Your notice will tell you the date by which you must file your documents with the court.

You and the other party may also be asked to provide additional information throughout this process. This may mean having to go to court more than once. Update the court any time your information changes, especially your address, email address or phone number.


As a general guideline, if you are responding to a ISO application for child support or spousal support, you will need to file:

Form L

Respondent’s Response to Application
Guide for Form L

Form I

Financial Information
Guide for Form I


You may need to file additional forms as well, depending on your situation. You should speak with a lawyer for advice. Some of these additional forms may include:

Form F

Special or Extraordinary Expense Claim
Guide for Form F

Form G

Request to Pay Child Support Different than Child Support Table Amount
Guide for Form G

Form H

Support for Claimant/Applicant
Guide for Form H


Form L is usually provided to you as the respondent, along with a copy of the application.

This form requires you to provide your contact information and if you have retained a lawyer to assist you. It also has a section where you can confirm if you agree to the claims made in the application. 

You may attach any of the other ISO forms to Form L to explain or prove the information stated on the form. This form must be sworn or affirmed.

Sometimes the ISO forms may not give enough space for you to write the information you want the court to know, or you may have other facts, information, or documents to provide. You may be able to attach a blank page to a form if you need to write more, or you may also consider filing an ISO Affidavit

An affidavit is a written statement of facts, sworn or affirmed under oath. An affidavit will contain the information you would give a judge in court. Tell the truth and be clear in what you are saying. You can type or neatly handwrite your affidavit. Affidavits must be sworn or affirmed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths or a lawyer. You can do this with your lawyer – if you have one – or at the courthouse.

For more on affidavits, click here.

Remember – when you are responding to an ISO application, it is important that you give as much information in your documents as you can. This may allow you to present your information more effectively when you are in front of the judge.

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