Who Uses NS ISO?

NS ISO is used when one party is living in Nova Scotia, and the other party lives outside of Nova Scotia either in another province or territory within Canada or a reciprocating jurisdiction outside of Canada. In most cases, NS ISO is used by people who have never been married or who are married but not divorcing.

You will generally not use the ISO process if:

  • both you and the other party live in Nova Scotia;

  • you are divorced from the other party and have a Corollary Relief Order or have an outstanding claim for Corollary Relief as part of your divorce proceeding;

  • the parties agree for the matter to be heard in Nova Scotia or in the other jurisdiction, or the judge allows the matter to be heard in one of these jurisdictions;

  • you are in the middle of getting divorced from the other party;

  • if a divorce is already filed, you will deal with support issues as part of that proceeding.

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