This section contains links to many of the forms used in family law in Nova Scotia, including for the Family Court, Supreme Court (Family Division), and Supreme Court (General Division). For a reminder of how these jurisdictions work, click here.

If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser, you may have trouble opening the PDF forms. Use Internet Explorer instead, or click here for help.

You can find the forms by accessing:

  1. lists of forms used at each level of court
  2. checklists of forms for common applications
    • parenting (custody, parenting time)
    • child support
    • spousal support
    • divorce
    • ISO applications
  3. applications kits: containing information, instruction and forms links for various applications
    • applying to get a first court order - 'originating application'
    • applying to change a court order - 'variation application'
    • registering a separation agreement with the court
    • registering an order made under the Divorce Act
    • ISO applications
    • divorce - in English & en français

Remember: when you complete your forms on the computer, you must print them off for filing. You cannot file your documents electronically.


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