What do I file to start the ISO process?

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If are starting an ISO application on or after February 12, 2018, there are new forms you must use.

To start the ISO process, you must complete one of the following:

  • a support application, if you’ve not had a support order before (Form A1 of the new forms)
  • a support variation application, if you are asking to change a previous support order (Form A2 of the new forms)

Along with the application document - which is Form A - there will be other forms to file, based on your situation. Along with the links on this website, you can get ISO forms by requesting them from a family law lawyer, or by visiting your local family law court.

The checklists below can help you determine which forms to file. There is a Guide for each form that will help you to complete it. 

If you are applying for a new support order, click here

If you are applying to change an existing order and you PAY support, click here.

If you are applying to change an existing order and you RECEIVE support, click here.


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