What you need to know about this process

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Divorce order registrations are done under section 20 (3) of the Divorce Act. There is no fee for this registration.

Not all divorce orders can be registered with the court.  For example, you can only register a ‘corollary’ order as described above – the Divorce Act does not provide for the registration of orders that only state that two people were divorced. You also can’t register a divorce certificate from another country under the Divorce Act.

You or your ex-spouse can apply to register your divorce order relating to custody, access and child or spousal support. You do not need your ex-spouse’s permission to apply, and they do not need your permission.

You must provide at least one (1) certified copy of the order with the application, but it is helpful if you can provide three (3). A certified copy is one that comes directly from the court where it was issued, and has their official stamp on it and is signed by a court officer at that court to show that it is an official copy from their files. If you do not have any certified copies, you will have to contact the court where the order was issued to request that they be sent to you. They may charge you a fee for this.

Once your order is registered, certified copies of it will be mailed out to you, and to the other person.