A Statement of Income  with attachments must be filed by:

  • the spouse paying child support
  • both spouses, if dealing with special expenses for child support
  • both spouses, if there are children but no child support is being paid
  • both spouses, if there is a shared or split parenting arrangement
  • both spouses, if the amount of support agreed upon does not meet the Federal Child Support Guidelines in some way
  • both spouses, if spousal support is claimed

The attachments to a Statement of Income generally include:

  • Your income tax returns and notices of assessment or reassessment from the Canada Revenue Agency for the last 3 years
  • Your current income information:
  • If you are employed: your 2 most recent paystubs showing year-to-date income
  • If you are unemployed: your 2 most recent benefit statements (for example, from Employment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, medical insurance, income assistance, CPP or other pension information, etc.)
  • If you are self-employed: statement of business activities or most recent statement of your business or professional practice


Statement of Special or Extraordinary Expenses - will be filed if either spouse is seeking Section 7 expenses under the Federal Child Support Guidelines

  • if either spouse files this document, both spouses will also need to file a Statement of Income
  • if you are uncertain about whether there are any special or extraordinary expenses, you should speak with a lawyer for advice

When parties agree not to file financial information, they may file a Waiver of Financial Statements, but only if there:

  • are no children of the marriage
  • is agreement on all issues regarding spousal support
  • is agreement on all issues regarding division of assets


NOTE:  A judge may ask for further financial information or documents in any case, regardless of any agreements made between the parties.

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