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Leave of the court

The court’s permission to proceed with certain types of applications.

Legal advice

Specific information about your legal problem. Only lawyers are qualified to give legal advice. When you are involved with a family law issue, it is best to speak with a family law lawyer. There are many different types of law, and you want to speak with a lawyer who is familiar with your type of legal issue, and who has worked within the family court system. See also ‘Independent legal advice.’

Legal Aid

Refers to the Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission, and the lawyers employed by the Commission, in offices throughout the province. Legal Aid lawyers represent people involved in criminal law and family law matters, as well as social justice matters like residential tenancies, Income assistance, Employment Insurance and CPP-disability appeals and other administrative hearings. 


See ‘Act’

Limited scope retainers

When a lawyer is hired to do only certain parts of your case. Sometimes this is also called 'unbundled legal services.'


A legal proceeding, or ‘going to court.’ The people involved in going to court are sometimes called ‘litigants.’

Litigation guardian

Or ‘guardian ad litem’ - an adult who appears in court on behalf of a person who is under the age of majority or who is not mentally competent. Certain requirements must be met before a person can act as a litigation guardian, including the need to be represented by a lawyer.

Lying-in expenses

Money the court orders a party to pay toward the expenses of a woman during her pregnancy and the birth of her child.