Have you been through a divorce or separation, and had to divide your property?  The Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia is reviewing Nova Scotia's rules for how to deal with the property and debt of separating couples.  The Commission would like to hear from Nova Scotians about their experiences dividing family property on separation or divorce.  Please take our anonymous online survey, available here.

The project will examine topics such as:

  • Whether property owned by a spouse before marriage should be divided
  • Whether business assets should be divided
  • How to divide pensions
  • Whether common law couples should be included under the Matrimonial Property Act
  • When gifts and inheritances should be divided
  • How to divide a couple's debts
  • When a court should order an unequal division
  • When a court should change or ignore a marriage contract
  • How to deal with the bankruptcy of one or both spouses


Last updated on September 11, 2013 - 12:14pm