New Canadian Bill of Rights for Victims of Crime

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The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights is now law. This Bill provides clear rights for victims of crime at the federal level for the first time in Canada’s history. These rights will be considered during every stage of the criminal justice process.

Under the Victims Bill of Rights, victims of crime have the right:

  • to information, protection, participation, and the right to seek restitution. They also have the right to make a complaint if they believe that their rights have not been respected.
  • to ask for information about the justice system, services available to them, and information about the progress of their case and the status of the person who harmed them.
  • to have their security and privacy considered, to have reasonable and necessary protection from intimidation and retaliation, and to ask that their identity not be publicly released.
  • to present victim impact statements and have them considered. Victims’ views about decisions that affect their rights will also need to be considered.
  • to have the court consider making a restitution order for their financial losses and to have any unpaid amount enforced through a civil court.

For more information and assistance for victims of crime, visit Justice Canada’s Victims webpages.

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