Great booklet & calendar for children: What happens next?

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‘What happens next? Information for kids about separation and divorce’

This booklet is published by the Department of Justice Canada, and provides information for children between the ages of 9 and 12, whose parents are separating or divorcing. It is meant to give children basic information about family law, and the processes that their parents might be going through. It also emphasizes that it is normal for children to react emotionally when their parents separate or divorce.

Though this booklet is meant for children, some children might need help reading it, depending on their reading level. Parents may want to view the booklet first to make sure it is appropriate for their child.

The booklet contains lots of pictures, and an activities section at the end. Some topics covered in the booklet are:

  • Everything is changing
  • Coming up with a plan for you
  • Living in two homes
  • What happens if there is violence?
  • Blended families and extended families, foster families and guardianship
  • When one parent moves far away 

The 'What happens next?' booklet also has a companion calendar for children:

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